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Hario Switch

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We searched for the most versatile brewer that can produce the best possible cup of coffee. After a lot of research this is subjectively the best thing we have found. This Size 3. Why size 3 and not size 2? It does exactly what the size 2 does and even holds more so it can easily work like a Clever dripper if desired. It also takes size 2 paper filters so it was a no brainer. 

V60 brewing is all about freedom. Unlike traditional V60 drippers with which coffee is extracted through the constant pouring of hot water, the V60 Immersion Dripper "Switch" 03 Size is specifically made for immersion extraction.
The metal ball placed at the base of the dripper blocks water from flowing through. Pour hot water and let it extract for your desired length. Then, with the push of a button, the coffee flows down into the coffee server or cup, allowing for easy, even coffee extraction.

Includes a pack of 40 filters inside the box.


SIZE: W136 × D136 × H152
CAPACITY: Finished capacity 360ml 
WEIGHT (Incl. box): approx. 700g
   V60 Dripper: Heatproof glass
   Base: Silicone rubber  
   Switch: PCT resin
   Ball: Stainless steel

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