Perfecting the Brew: How Precision Technology Revolutionized Our Coffee Quality and Consistency

Consistency of experience is what helps create trust and relationships over time. To achieve this with our coffee we need to maintain various control measures and to an extent this has even influenced who we source our coffee from and the grades we buy. Improvements to these measures are always something we want to improve and so when we discovered the Sovda Pearl Mini colour sorter we felt strongly that this could be a great solution to some of the inconsistencies and defects that can be found in coffee. The main hurdle for us was the sheer cost of the equipment. So we researched other top class roasters using the equipment around the world and even listened to dozens of coffee podcasts and interviews on the subject to find out as much as we could before committing to it. The decision was made much easier by how positive the feedback was on the equipment. So in 2023 we got delivery of it along with their Precision fill machine to help fill our bags.


Before we got this Pearl Mini we had to do this job by hand and quite frankly even if we had 10 minutes to stand there sorting coffee we still wouldn’t be as good as this machine is. The machine is customisable too. You can literally dial-in different colour profiles for different coffees you want. So for example, if you want your espresso tasting smoother and sweeter then you can set the machine to remove more of the quakers and if you want a more complex filter you can choose to remove less. So in essence you are creating new taste profiles after roasting now too. This machine is incredible at helping to remove these defects along with other material such as patio and burnt beans that might find their way into the coffee. 


  • Enhanced Quality Control: The colour sorter's ability to remove small imperfections guarantees a cleaner and more delicious cup of coffee.


  • Improved Consistency: By ensuring consistent coffee quality, we can maintain a higher standard of retail and wholesale coffee, which is crucial for customer satisfaction.


  • Increased Efficiency: Automating the sorting process reduces manual labour requirements, allowing us to streamline operations and focus on other aspects of our business. 


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