Serious about coffee? Make your business stand out from the crowd. Go the extra mile for quality and you will reap what you sow. We supply genuine top grade coffee. Samples available.

Want the best equipment? We can arrange that for you as a reseller for Slayer Espresso machines. Just want to rent/hire purchase some good equipment? Theres really not much we cant do to help you get setup with your cafe. If quality and best practice are your mission then we are on your side. 

Our minimum aim is SCA 85+ and we like to hold SCA 87+ as our average. In addition we only buy from genuinely sustainable sellers that we have great relationships with. We tend to work a lot with Nordic Approach to source our coffees as their practices entail the most sustainable approaches to coffee in the world. Their coffee is also unbelievably delicious and consistent which is very important.

P.S. Choose sustainable quality coffee, choose PS