We genuinely love working with others who share the same passion for our craft and making positive change towards the environment we live in. We offer coffee that you know has been sourced properly. We won Irelands first Gold standard for Plastic Free which was helped on with our packaging. It is Irelands first fully customised compostable coffee packaging and optional reusable packaging for our wholesale clients.

Want the best equipment? We can arrange that for you as a reseller for Slayer Espresso machines. Just want to rent/hire purchase some good equipment? Theres really not much we cant do to help you get setup with your cafe. If quality and best practice are your mission then you've come to the right place.

Our minimum aim is to hold coffees that score 85+ and we like to hold SCA 87+ as our average. In addition we only buy from genuinely sustainable sellers that we have great relationships with. We tend to work a lot with Nordic Approach to source our coffees as their practices entail the most sustainable approaches to coffee in the world. Their coffee is also consistently delicious which of course is very important.

P.S. Happy to send samples to you. These can be sent free of charge or if you would prefer to pay a nominal fee and get them here on our website you can do so as well.