Educational videos & tips

PS Coffee Roasters Hario V60 brewing tutorial:


Aeropress tutorial:

Credit: James O'Connor 


We intend to add more educational videos and tips over time. Watch this space..

Class based barista training also available:

The training classes are aimed towards those either looking to improve their barista skills from a generic commercial standard to speciality standard or those new to coffee and wanting to learn best practice.

The training courses last approximately 4 hours (max 6 people) and will give you the highest speciality coffee standard of practice, skills and knowledge to start your life as a barista.

Skills you will learn on the course include: 

• Quick intro to our Giesen W15A Coffee Roaster
• Coffee from Seed to cup
• How to dial in coffee using the best grinders in the world
• How to fix grinder issues & other common problems
• How to identify over or under-extracted coffee
• Milk texturing
• Latte art and time to practice
• Understanding cafe workflow
• How to properly clean your Machine

Skill level: Complete beginner or those looking to improve their barista skills

All participants will be offered deals on all Coffee and Equipment purchased.

Contact us by phone or email to organise

or book here: