Colombia - Timanco
Colombia - Timanco

Colombia - Timanco

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Tasting notes: Rum, Raisin, cacao  

Process: Washed

Score: 85

Altitude: 1725m

Varietal: Mainly Caturra with some Colombia and castillo

Roast style: Espresso

Harvest: May - June 2022


Timanco is named after the region it is grown, Timana. Surrounded by the Andes Mountain range and Magdalen and "Golden" rivers. The convergence of all of these geographical features has resulted in the coffee from this region being both balanced and complex. The growers themselves are descendants of three indigenous tribes who worked together to rebel against the Spanish conquerors. 

This is our second year with this coffee and part of our mission to repurchase the same coffees from the same producers when possible.