Test Roast (1KG) (Filter roast)

Test Roast (1KG) (Filter roast)

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We approach coffee roasting with passion for our craft. Great coffee doesnt just happen though. Coffee takes effort and patience and not every experiment is going to give the best result. This means that these test roasts may be good, but they dont meet our high standards. However, these are too good to waste so we created this. As its half the price of normal this would also make for good practice coffee if youre trying to hone in your coffee making skills.  


Flavour notes: Random yumminess

Size: 1kg

Roast style at the moment: Filter Roast

Please note that this could be any coffee of any origin or even a mix, but it will always be speciality grade.


P.S These particular bags are made CO2 neutral recyclable code 4. They also come with free delivery to ROI