El Salvador - Anaerobic natural

El Salvador - Anaerobic natural

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Tasting notes: Cocao, rich ripe fruit with a champagne finish

Varietal: Arabica - Bourbon

Process: Anaerobic natural

SCA: 87

Roast style: Filter

We have gone all out on this one. Our closest contact in the coffee buying world is probably Jamie from Nordic Approach. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the coffee world and has always been a bit of a coffee guru to talk to when looking for extra advice and suggestions. Jamie was lucky enough to work closely with the farmer on this project and they managed to create this incredible experimental coffee working together. From what we could see there were only two bags available so we grabbed one to try it out. Holy Moly! As Daniel (our new assistant roaster) said there is nothing negative to say about it. Its super interesting and complex. Loads going on in the cup. 

The anaerobic process starts immediately after the cherries are picked. When they arrive at the station they are dry fermented as whole cherries in barrels without water for 72hrs. The cherries go directly from the barrel to drying beds where they are turned daily. The coffee spends the first 40% of the drying time on raised beds, and 60% on a patio. The result is crazy beautiful deep fruit/funky notes.

This is most definitely recommended for the coffee connoisseur who will enjoy their coffee black. We suggest brewing with a filter brewer like an Aeropress, V60 or Kalita Wave on this one.

We paid close to $15USD per kg (raw/unroasted) on this one (before weight loss & every other expense). That is significantly higher than the commodity price of coffee at the moment (currently $2.89 USD per kg on 3/9/20). That said pricing is only part of this story. We believe that effective sustainability will come from trust building relationships with farmers and this is why we love working with Nordic Approach to source most of our coffees like this one.