Peru - Selva Andina
Peru - Selva Andina
Peru - Selva Andina
Peru - Selva Andina
Peru - Selva Andina

Peru - Selva Andina

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New note (June 2021): Peru season has now ended and we are finishing up the last few bags of this coffee. If you like it then now is the time to stock up. Peru will be back in December/January. Sell when sold out disabled for Espresso

Tasting notes:
 Butterscotch, strawberry, brown sugar

Process: Washed (Farmed organic)

Variety: Caturra, Catimor, Pache, Bourbon

Score: 86.5

Roast style: Only Filter left! This is the end of this coffee for the season. 


After the success of our most recent Peruvian - Flor De Selva we went back to get one last Peruvian for the season. This one exceeded our expectations and has been easily our favourite of the year. I would say even in our top 10 ever! Boy oh boy are you in for a treat with this one.

Buying properly from Peru to ensure the best outcome for the farmer is sadly hard to do. However, Like with most of our coffee offerings we bought this through Nordic Approach because of their quintessential approach to the coffee industry. We believe that Nordic Approach have gone about sourcing these in the best possible way. 

This coffee is part of a series of organic coffees from small cooperatives in Peru who are all engaged in a reforestation program as part of a producer-led holistic solution to the complex sustainability challenges they face. For every kilogram of this coffee bought from Nordic Approach, 11 US cents (USC) is contributed by us as roasters to this important project. 

Selva Andina is a medium sized cooperative with 618 members. This coffee is another of our value added communal producer blend concepts. The season has been challenging for them due to Covid-19, and they have really been working hard to meet the standards of specialty.

This lot is made up of coffee from producers delivering 3-15 bags each. They are smallholders with 1-3 hectare farms, located in high altitudes in Cajamarca and Amazonas. The altitude of the farms ranges from 1400 - 2000 masl. They mainly grow Caturra, Catuai, Pache and Costa Rica. The farmers have their small individual beneficios where they depulp, ferment, wash and dry the coffee themselves. Fermentation time after depulping is normally between 15-48 hours. Drying takes 12-25 days.

For the lots to qualify for the blend they have to cup above 86 points with distinct flavours, have good physical properties and be within our standards on humidity and aW to maximize shelf life. The deliveries can be as little as a few bags at a time, and every lot is evaluated individually before it is approved as part of the quality blend.

All the coffees are certified Organic, and the producers also receive a significant quality premium for the coffee delivered to this lot.

Cafe Selva Norte is a coffee quality and training program and the cooperative is committed to reforestation as part of their sustainability initiative.