Costa Rica - Asoporoaaa

Costa Rica - Asoporoaaa

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Tasting notes: Cherry, sweet, complex

Process: Black honey

Roast profile: Filter, but works surprisingly well on espresso. We have been using on our bar in Naas and is one of Peters top picks for a long time. 


Category: Complex & interesting

Roast profile: We set out to make this a filter profile, but it also works surprisingly great on espresso when dialled-in. 


This coffee is so exciting. We had no intention to buy it, but during a cupping with Belco (who flew over to meet us in Ireland recently), we tasted this on the table and it was everyone's favourite. One of the representatives from Belco said it reminded her of tasting coffee cherries at origin. Theres no doubt that the cherry flavour is there even for a novice drinker. This coffee absolutely shone on our first test roast too. So very luckily we get to launch this coffee sooner than we were expecting.