Peru - Flor Del Valle
Peru - Flor Del Valle

Peru - Flor Del Valle

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Tasting notes: Fig, plum, melon

Roast Profile: Espresso 

Altitude: 1950m

Process: Washed (organically farmed)

Varieties: Costa Rica95, Bourbon

Producer: Ylder Herrera Heredia


Our aim when sourcing this particular coffee was to find a premium espresso coffee for our own cafe customers. There is an extra freedom when sourcing coffee this way as it allows us to pick out more expensive coffees. The added bonus here is more money for the producer which encourages better quality coffee medium-long term.

This is particularity true now as we face a decrease in the average coffee qualities globally due to various factors caused by Covid 19 and the bad frosts that Brazil received. This all meant higher prices for commercial coffee which was great in the short term at least, but as it brought the price very close to speciality coffee prices very quickly it certainly wasn't good for quality as it meant producers saw less value in spending more to make a coffee better as they could get a better value price by putting in less effort. 


The farmer Ylder Herrera who produced this coffee is only 29 years old. Not only does he produce exceptional coffee, but he is also the President of the Norcafe Cooperative in Cajamarca. Besides his duties as the President, Ylder actively encourages other members to cultivate specialty coffee, sharing all the knowledge he has accumulated from his parents. As part of the cooperative’s micro-lot program, he continuously tries to implement new techniques for his washed coffee.

His farm, Flor del Valle, is located in the Lonya Grande region of the Amazonas, holding 2 hectares of planted coffee. At approximately 1900 masl, Ylder grows Costa Rica 95 and caturra varieties.