Improvers Barista class

Improvers Barista class

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This 3 hour limited class is designed for baristas looking to improve their espresso skill level from commercial or basic coffee skills to a speciality skillset and the best practice we follow in our cafes. With this class we wanted a casual intimate setting where you are able to ask all the questions you need to improving your barista skills and therefore we only assign a max of 3 places for each class. 

Skills you will learn on the course include: 

• How to take a simple recipe and improve it (dialling-in)
• How to fix grinder issues & other common problems
• How to identify over or under-extracted coffee
• Detailed breakdown of each step you take to create the best flavours consistently
• Milk texturing improvements if needed
• Understanding cafe workflow
• How to clean your Machine


Skill level: Intermediate

Class includes a discount code for our online store.

Class also includes a free 250g bag of coffee

Please note that this is a different course to our Beginners class which is also longer.