Ethiopia - Samii Gedeb #1

Ethiopia - Samii Gedeb #1

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Filter Tasting notes: White Peach, blackcurrant, lavender

Espresso tasting notes: Oolong tea, Dulce de leche 

Process: Washed

Score: 85

Altitude: 1975m

Roast style: Filter or Espresso


After buying this coffee last year and seeing how good it was for filter coffee lovers we had to get it again. Its not like your average coffee. It reminds us more like a fine tea than what you would expect from a lot of coffees. Nordic Approach who we bought this through have bought it directly from the washing station in Ethiopia and they've paid good money for it too which is vital to the continued success of this market. Notes of white peach and black cherry compliment each other really well in this cup. We recommend without milk, but that's up to you of course. We also recommend letting the coffee age at least 4 days before using so its not too fresh. The flavour will open up for you over the course of 1-3 weeks after roast date and if you can wait that long you will experience an even better flavour in our opinion. 


The market price for this coffee was $11.70 USD per kg (before weight loss & other expenses) with our good friends at Nordic Approach. To compare, the market C price of coffee was trading at $3.38 USD per kg (16/6/21) with Fair Trade prices at only $0.66 USD more per kg than this. These are not the only factors to be considered of course, but it's why we do business with amazing companies like Nordic Approach who have that long term vision of making a system that is rewarding for all involved.