Colombia - Cascajal

Colombia - Cascajal

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Tasting notes: Strawberry sk*ttles, juicy

Process: Washed

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Roast style: Espresso


Pink Bourbons are an exciting varietal which we are big fans of. This one gives us strawberry sk*ttles-like flavours. So yum! 

Owner of the farm: Jose Fernando Becerra León. The Becerra family has owned the farm for more than 45 years. Jose Fernando Becerra is a farmer in the
second generation of the farm. El Cascajal is a farm of around 8 ha. It is a farm with crops under shade, with more than 45 years of tradition. The main crop in El
Cascajal is coffee, mainly Bourbon. It also has crops of bananas and orange trees. 

Drying method: Dried in sunlight. The coffee is placed in a patio with direct sun exposure for the first 2 days. After the humidity drops to 40%, it is placed in a drying canopy for approximately 8 days, this process is to enhance the fruity flavors. The coffee must be monitored for temperature after 8 days of drying. The total process can take between 10 and 15 days, depending on the weather. The key point is to avoid moisture gain at night as much as possible. During the time that the coffee is in the drying canopy, it moves every hour. The first few days to make sure all the coffee gets enough sun and to avoid wet stains that can cause vinegar flavor.

Sorting: Cherries are sorted by hand at the time of harvest, then sorted during the flotation process, beneficiation, and during the drying time. The last selection is in the threshing, where the coffee is selected for screen size and defects. In threshing, the final selection stage is carried out by hand, because the electronic machine is not very precise in the selection.

Stabilization: On the farm, after drying to 10-12% humidity, the coffee is packed in GrainPro and sisal bags and stored on the farm, at 20 ° C. Usually after 1 month, the coffee is stabilised and is ready for milling and then exporting.