NEW! | Honduras - El Cedro (Micro Lot)

NEW! | Honduras - El Cedro (Micro Lot)

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El Cedro is a farm that belongs to Cervando Ramirez. Cervando and his wife have two small children and the farm is their only means of making money, they have struggled to raise their young family but continue to believe in producing quality.
He does not have any certifications, but Cervando is deeply committed to the environment. His coffee trees are shaded by native trees, and he manages his farm with minimal use of chemicals by very carefully following the recommended amounts of each product, and fertilising with a natural compost he creates from discarded coffee pulp. In total the farm is seven hectares with only 4 hectares of coffee planted.

Complex tasting notes of creamy caramel. This is our Head Roasters favourite espresso based coffee at the moment. 

Score: 87        Altitude: 1750m      Micro-lot (Arrived in 30kg vacuum packed bags)

Process: Washed       Varietal: Bourbon

P.S. Our 250g retail bags are fully compostable. Our 1kg bags are made CO2 neutral recyclable code 4