Honduras - Cabellero #5

Honduras - Cabellero #5

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Process: Washed 

Score: 86.75

Altitude: 1600m

Roast style: Espresso

Importer: Nordic Approach

Tasting notes: Chocolate, apple, vanilla


The Caballero family are famous in the world of coffee. One of their coffees came tenth in the World barista championships in 2017. We were very fortunate to grab 6 bags of this coffee while it was going. Its all sold out now so we cant get more unfortunately. We imported this one through Nordic Approach whom are simply leading the way in the real speciality industry. 

This is the kind of coffee that humbles your coffee expertise. Its so complex and interesting and I doubt most people will have tasted something quite like it. Its not for everyone, but for us it was way too good to dismiss just because its a bit different to your average coffee. If you want a little adventure in your coffee experiences this is the one to try.