Honduras - El Caracol (Sparkling water decaf)

Honduras - El Caracol (Sparkling water decaf)

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Tasting notes: Apple crumble, hazelnut, chocolate

Process: Washed (Sparkling water decaf)

Varietal: Mixed

Score: 85.75

Roast style: Espresso


Decafs have a bad reputation from the past because of a mix of reasons. The use of chemicals, over roasting and poor brewing. We have sourced this decaf because its a very high grade, tastes excellent, uses no chemicals and we wont release a product to market until we are happy with the roast. 

El Caracol is a small village in the San Pedro area of Copan, Honduras. The altitude in the area ranges from 1500 to 1600masl and the main varieties grown are catuai, parainema, IHCAFE 90 and lempira. The area has an ideal climate for coffee growing, nestled between mountains the cool nighttime temperatures prolong the maturation of the coffee cherries and the soils are still rich with nutrients. This lot was made up of coffee from various small producers, who own around 3 to 5 hectares of land.

The coffee was picked by the producers and their families themselves and processed at a centralised wet-mill before being dried on raised beds. These producers haven't yet produced micro-lots, but this blend was intended to incentivise them to improve picking and processing in order to gain quality premiums for their coffee.