Honduras - La Cupertino

Honduras - La Cupertino

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Tasting notes: Cinnamon, passion fruit, rounded

Process: Extended fermentation natural

Varietal: Red Catuai

Roast style: Filter


Finca El Cupertino was founded in the year 2000 by the Garcia Family, the variety planted here is Red Catuaí, with tree ages ranging between 18 to 20 years old, in an extension of 3.48 hectares of land. The farm is established in the Pedernal Village, in the department of San José, approximately 35 minutes away from Marcala; it has an altitude of 1,480 meters above sea level.

Its steep hills provide a great view of the entire lot and also a wide variety of shade trees like cypress, grevilleas, pines, lemon, guava, peach & orange that are part of the ecosystem within the farm, which makes it the perfect home for several bird species and other animals native from the area such as squirrels, racoons, possums and deers.