Guatemala - La Esperanza
Guatemala - La Esperanza

Guatemala - La Esperanza

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This makes a super smooth, sweet and easy to drink espresso or filter based drink. This is one of the first times we've done both an Espresso and Filter roast of the same coffee. This is because it works well with both types of brewing and our belief is that its best to roast specifically for the type of brew method you intend to use.

Simply select which brew style you intend to use it for above. So if thats going to be a home espresso machine or a Moka Pot then select Espresso. If its going to be a V60 or Aeropress then select Filter roast. On the flip side if you prefer a darker note to your filter coffee then select Espresso roast style and vise-versa if you prefer a brighter brew with your espresso then select Filter.

Tasting notes:
 Smooth Caramel with an apple like sweetness

Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra

Official Score: 86.25

Roast style: Espresso OR Filter


This is our first buy through Coffee Bird. Coffee Bird is a family owned and women-led company who are very transparent in what they do. We really like what they've done on even the smaller things like using recycled denim to package their coffee. They pay 37% more than the industry average in Guatemala and are purely focused on the Guatemalan coffee industry. I cant think of a better company in Guatemala to source Guatemalan coffee in both a sustainable, ethical and quality way.