Ethiopia - Samii (Pre-order)

Ethiopia - Samii (Pre-order)

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Tasting notes: Dried Fruit, Cascara, Tea-like with stunning balance and mouthfeel. The perfect filter coffee

Varietal: Arabica - Wolisho, Kurume 

Process: Washed Crop: 2020

Certification: Organic SCA: 88 (Rare to see this high)

Roast style: Filter

This is a coffee lovers coffee for sure. Its our staff favourite. For those who love filter coffee. Descriptions on paper dont do it justice. Wolisho and Kurume are two coffee varietals we’ve never had the good fortune to come across before and are only found in Ethiopia. They are two we will certainly be on the search for in future. For this price and grade of coffee we got a bargain. The only reason this was possible was because it was produced in larger quantities than normal for this quality.

We paid a generous $11.85USD per kg (raw/unroasted) on this one (before weight loss & every other expense). That is significantly higher than the commodity price of coffee at the moment (currently $2.16 USD per kg on 9/6/20). That said pricing is only part of this story. We believe that effective sustainability will come from trust building relationships with farmers and this is why we love working with Nordic Approach to source most of our coffees like this one. 

This is most definitely recommended for the coffee connoisseur who will enjoy their coffee black. We suggest brewing with a filter brewer like an Aeropress, V60 or Kalita Wave on this one. 

P.S. For the coffee nerds this was roasted as a 7.5kg batch on our 15kg machine. Why? Better temperature control and we also find better flavours when the BTU to batch size ratio is higher. We have two bags of this amazing stuff and then its gone. 

P.P.S. Thank you for supporting us and our environmental mission. We strongly believe in operating in a way that leaves our only habitable planet in the best shape possible. For this comes in the form of compostable packaging, less plastic waste and encouraging reuse. If you ever want some of our coffee chaff for bedding for your ducks, hampsters, rabbits etc youre welcome to grab it from our roastery free of charge. We also give away our coffee grounds for those who want to use it for projects such as coffee soap, top soil for the garden to discourage slugs.