Colombia - Occidente (Nano lot)

Colombia - Occidente (Nano lot)

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Its not often we get the chance to buy direct from a family who grows coffee, but here it is. Our first of this approach from Colombia. The farm itself is what is referred to as a Nano lot in the industry because of the farms tiny size of less than 1 hectare which also means we are dealing with a coffee that was very well cared for. 

Our initial thoughts on this new coffee is on its freshness. Its super vibrant with loads of natural sweetness and works amazingly well black as it does with milk. Notes of marzipan and caramel with the faintest hint of citrus. We have roasted this in a way to appeal to a larger market. Its not the most stand out coffee we have, but it is something that most people will like and that was our aim with this one. Its very well balanced in its flavour. 


Score: 85 points

Process: Washed

Roasted for Espresso

P.S. Our 250g retail bags are fully compostable. Our 1kg bags are made CO2 neutral recyclable code 4