Colombia - El Mirador

Colombia - El Mirador

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Tasting notes: Biscuit, marzipan, papaya

Process: Washed

Score: 87.5

Altitude: 2000m

Roast style: Omni

This is latest micro-lot coffee this season. One that got recommended to us and we knew if we waited to sample it it would be gone so we took the small quantity of it that was available. After the first test roast it was immediately evident why it was recommended to us. Its so complex and interesting. Lots of layers to this coffee and changes as it cools. We dont normally roast Omni as coffee is not as simple as that and getting roasts to work for both espresso and filter is often just wishful thinking. It also adds extra work to the home barista which can take a lot of wasted coffee to dial in properly. However, this seems to be breaking those rules and is working really well. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!