Colombia - Chevere (Sugar Cane Decaf)

Colombia - Chevere (Sugar Cane Decaf)

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Sugar cane decaf from Colombia

Tasting notes: Honey, vanilla

Process: Washed Sugar cane decaf

The full details of this sugar cane process can be found here

Score: 84


This coffee comes from the ASCAFE association located in the south of Colombia. ASCAFE represents 3,700 producer families in the departments of Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Nariño, Cesar, Cundinamarca, Tolima and Huila. When we buy decaf we always go out of our way to try source a decaf with the lowest CO2 emission trade off to get it to Ireland. We want you to know that if we felt it had poor standards either in flavour or practice we would not buy it. 



Cauca is known for coffee production around east and central micro-regions on the mountains and close to Popayan city. The highlands of Cauca are suitable for the production of quality coffee from the high altitude and proximity to the equator and the surrounding mountains which protect the coffee from the humidity of the Pacific and the southern trade winds. The result is therefore a stable climate all year round with rich volcanic soil.
The region has 92,674 hectares in coffee production and the department is one of the most complex places in Colombia in social terms. In this land live together western descendants in Popayan, the capital city and the indigenous people in the mountains or in more isolated areas.