Brazil - Chapadao
Brazil - Chapadao

Brazil - Chapadao

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Tasting notes:  Pecan, Muscovado sugar

Process: Pulped Natural

Roast: Espresso

Source: Green coffee imports. Green coffee imports is an Irish direct trade importer. Keith who owns and runs it is a good friend of ours and we like supporting local as well. 

Works quite well as an Americano and really well with milk. This is a crowd pleasing coffee.

About the farmer:

Sebastião Curimbaba is a born entrepreneur. Since a very young age, he accompanied his father, Benedito Curimbaba in the family business. Together they created the Curimbaba Group and acquired Fazenda Chapadão to invest in coffee farming, a strong and traditional activity in Brazil. 

With investment in infrastructure and professional qualification of the whole team, the farm started to focus on processes that would improve the quality of their production, having an incredibleresult over the last years.