Brazil - Agropecuaria
Brazil - Agropecuaria

Brazil - Agropecuaria

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Limited edition coffee


Tasting notes: Pear, almond, hints of strawberry

Process: Anaerobic natural

Roast style: Omni

Varietal: Catucai (new for us)


This is a micro-lot coffee we had to wait a while to get and its like Christmas has finally come. Weve tasted around 2,000-3,000 different samples of coffee over the past 8 years of business and this coffee would be in the top 100 of those samples.

This arrived to us in small 30kg bags and we only managed to get 180kg of it in total. This is the first time buying from this farm, but we are keen to keep in touch with them for next season too. 

All of our coffees are colour sorted using our new Sovda Pearl Mini and our retail bags are vacuum sealed. This is very rare duo in our industry.