Rwanda - PB Nyamasheke

Rwanda - PB Nyamasheke

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Attributes: These Peaberrys are such a rare delight to find in the coffee

industry. Put a Peaberry on a table of coffees and if you've had one before

you will always pick out again! They are full of vibrancy, eligance and 

sweetness. This one is lovely and bright and tastes like a mandarin organge. 

Did you know that the peaberry is the smallest coffee in the world?


Varietal: Arabica - Bourbon Process: Washed

Altitude: 2000m SCA: 87.25  


Brewing recommendation: AeroPress (inverted method). 16g of medium-coarse ground coffee, 232ml of water at 88-93C. 3:30 brew, flip and push out, add 20-50ml of water afterwards to taste. Savage 👌