Rhino Compact Coffee Hand Grinder
Rhino Compact Coffee Hand Grinder

Rhino Compact Coffee Hand Grinder

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Its back in stock!! We ordered these back in October!! And they only just landed now the last week in February. Joys that be with Brexit and Covid. Grab them while you can. 

We made it our mission in 2015 to seek out the best hand grinder on the market that was under €50. This is definitely the best we have found so far after we thought the Hario Mini Mill for €35 was the best in this category. However, we found the Hario was struggling to grind consistently as it tend to slightly bend and therefore create uneven coffee grounds as you turned the grinding handle. This Rhino grinder was so straight and accurate and gives us a lot of confidence to sell it as a quality product. At only a few euro more than the Hario its well worth the extra few euro.


Rhino Compact Coffee Hand Grinder

  • Adjustable for precise grind
  • Small and lightweight
  • Conical ceramic Burrs
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 20-25 gram capacity
  • Body fits in an aeropress
  • Includes aero press adaptor
  • Convenient carry bag