NEW | Colombia - Recoletores
NEW | Colombia - Recoletores

NEW | Colombia - Recoletores

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Tasting notes: Plum, pear, sweet

Process: Washed 

Score: 87

Varietal: Castillo, Caturra

Roast style: Espresso or Filter


When we first got a taste of this coffee we immediately loved how it tasted and the body (texture) was so good. We knew right away this would represent Colombian coffee very well and give us a perfect coffee for an Americano. We delayed the release of this coffee to allow first preference to our coffee club members which you can subscribe to here if you wish. We have been using it in our cafes for the last two weeks getting lots of feedback and making tweaks to it and we are very happy with it. Its actually divided the staff as our staff favourite, but most of us agree this is our best coffee for Americanos and the Cedros or Capadocia from Brazil are our best milk based coffees on espresso at the moment. 


A little info on the coffee itself

This coffee is made up of contributions from a group of farmers in the Yacuanquer area of Nariño, who have worked together for many years. So yes, it is a blend, but it is also a very unique and exciting coffee that is so much more than what we think of when we hear the word blend!

These farmers are part of a group who works collectively to help each other out with the harvest. With help from the local cooperative, they have been trained to only select the very best cherry. In return, we pay a premium for their coffee that covers the additional costs of selective picking.