NEW | Burundi - Shembati

NEW | Burundi - Shembati

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Every now and then we like to seek out something fun and different to your average coffee. This one was exactly what we were after. This one is a bit mad, but we love that sometimes. So so sweet and syrupy as a filter coffee. Its got a hint of citrus in there and reminds of mandarin orange. Definitely one for those who like V60, Kalita Wave, Aeropress etc.

Like the majority of our coffees it was bought through our favourite green buying company 'Nordic Approach' so you can trust the farmers were treated fairly, paid the best in the market for a quality produce which year by year encourages a great working relationship and thus sustainable practice. We paid a little over $11USD per kg raw price for this particular coffee (before weight loss, shipping & every other expense). To put this into perspective the Coffee commodity price is sitting at approximately $2.42kg based on todays exchange (9/3/20). That said pricing is only part of this story. We believe that effective sustainability will come from trust building relationships with farmers and this is why we love working with Nordic Approach to source most of our coffees like this one. 


Tasting notes: Mandarin orange, syrupy.

Varietal: Arabica - Bourbon 

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1800m

SCA: 87

Roasted style: Filter


250g bags are roasted for Filter. 1kg bags are roasted for espresso.