Colombia - El Encanto

Colombia - El Encanto

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Tasting notes: Turkish delight

Process: Natural <—- Very Rare in Colombia!

Variety: Caturra, Colombia

Altitude: 1380-1800m

Crop: November 2019

Official Score: 87

Roast style: Filter


Oh wow.. we are uber excited about this coffee as its the first coffee from Colombia we’ve had that was processed using the natural method. About 99% of coffee in Colombia is washed process so its very unique to experience. We’ve also had coffee from this farm before so I knew we could trust their work. They put a tremendous amount of work into their coffees and are not afraid to experiment.

On that note, this is the only farm in Colombia with an electric air drier which allows them to produce consistent and clean naturally processed coffees with clearer character notes not usually found in naturals. I can’t speak highly enough about this one. Its my (Simon our head roasters) favourite at the moment.

We paid $12.25USD per kg (raw/unroasted) on this one (before weight loss & every other expense). By comparison that is significantly higher than the commodity price of coffee at the moment (currently $2.16 USD per kg on 09/06/20). That said pricing is only part of this story. We believe that effective sustainability will come from trust building relationships with farmers and this is why we love working with Nordic Approach to source most of our coffees like this one.