Ethiopia - Ranger
Ethiopia - Ranger

Ethiopia - Ranger

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Tasting notes: Peach ice tea, cherry, floral

Process: Washed

Score: 87.75

Altitude: 2025m

Varietal: Wolisho, Dega

Roast style: Omni (works great for Cold brew)


If you want an interesting Ethiopian filter coffee then this is your pick. In a simple way it reminds me of pink lemonade with a floral twist.

The name Ranger comes from the name of one of the farmers who owns the washing station where this coffee was processed at. Banko Gotiti is located at 1980 masl, closer to Gedeb Town in Gedeo. Banko is well known for its heavy and intense floral and stonefruit-driven character bordering Guji towards the south. This specific station buys cherries from approximately 783 farmers all located in the area. Their farms are on average 2 hectares in size and sit between 1950 and 2100 masl.