Ethiopia - Benti Nenka
Ethiopia - Benti Nenka
Ethiopia - Benti Nenka

Ethiopia - Benti Nenka

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Tasting notes: Papaya, camomile, peach

Process: Washed

Score: 86.25

Altitude: 2100m

Varietal: Heirloom

Roast style: Filter or Espresso


Bit of story to this coffee for us. As 2022 came to a close our friends in the coffee industry had some extra lots coming into Ireland that they had pre-booked. Unfortunately they couldn't handle so much and so we said we would help and take it off them. We are so glad we did. The coffee is from the great coffee region of Ethiopia called Guji and its got such a vibrant aroma to it. The flavours are really well balanced. We are really enjoying this on filter today as we update our website. However, it also works brilliantly on espresso and so we have created two profiles to suit how you are making it as home. 


Green Source: Nordic Approach

FOB: USD 9.58 / kg
Price paid to producer: ETB 39.5 / KG cherry