Colombia - La Ceja

Colombia - La Ceja

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Tasting notes: Praline, dried fruits, chocolate, light body

Process: Washed

Score: 85.75

Altitude: 1800m

Varietal: Misc

Roast style: Espresso 

Our current recipe: 19g, 34ml, 28-32 seconds


We have been on a journey with this coffee. Certainly in terms of roasting. It took me over a full month of roasting to get this coffee tasting the way I wanted. Normally we can get excellent results much sooner than that, but this one was very tricky. Like all of our coffees however, we only release them when we are happy with them. I've finally gotten this one to a point where its showing a lovely layered flavour of praline, dried fruit and chocolate with a really nice aftertaste. Hopefully you taste the hard work that went into it.