Compostable Coffee Pods
Compostable Coffee Pods
Compostable Coffee Pods

Compostable Coffee Pods

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Bobolink Compostable Coffee Pods

(Nespresso* original compatible pods) 

These are our own branded specialist quality wood-fibre coffee pods which are 100% bio based made from wood chips with PLA from a renewable forest. Simply pop them into your brown compost bin when you're done. These are compatible with Nespresso (Third party company) original (after 2012) coffee pod machines and Opal machines.  

This is our third and newest round of coffee pods which are our best performing pods to date. We learnt a lot from the previous experiences and how to roast these in a way to get the most out of them and making them super tasty. Tasting notes of raisin and chocolate make this a crowd pleaser. 

To get the most from these pods we recommend using the small button on your capsule machine to make a short sweet restretto style shot and add milk or hot water as desired. Alternatively, if you want even better results I would use the long/tall button and time your shot. When you get to 28 seconds into the shot stop your brew and add your milk, hot water to this. In our opinion this will give you more evenly extracted shot. Enjoy :)

Approx 6g of coffee per pod. 15 Pods in a pack, but bigger quantity options are available below. 

*Nespresso is a registered trade mark of Societé des produits Nestlé S.A. and neither that company or its affiliates have manufactured or endorsed our products.