PS Coffee capsules
PS Coffee capsules
PS Coffee capsules
PS Coffee capsules
PS Coffee capsules

PS Coffee capsules

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Compostable coffee capsules. Choose from a Mix pack, Brazil - Bobolink, Honduras - Pinal by Nely Rivera or Ethiopian Decaf. 

(Nespresso* original compatible pods) 

These wood-fibre coffee pods are 100% bio based made from wood chips with PLA from a renewable German forest. Simply pop them into your compost bin when you're done. In short they are quite brilliant and in our opinion they produce an enhanced coffee experience compared to commercial pods many of us have tried. And yes they have our PS Coffee Roasters coffee in them. These are compatible with Nespresso (Third party company) original (after 2012) coffee pod machines and Opal machines.  


Single Origin Packs:

Each pack contains the same coffee as mentioned above, but with 15 of your selected coffee in each pack.

Brazil - Boblink (15 pods)

Honduras - Pinal by Nely Rivera (15 pods)

Ethiopia - Decaf (15 pods)


To get the most from these pods we recommend using the small button on your capsule machine to make a short sweet restretto style shot and add milk or hot water as desired. Alternatively, if you want even better results I would use the long/tall button and time your shot. When you get to 28 seconds into the shot stop your brew and add your milk, hot water to this. In our opinion this will give you more evenly extracted shot. Enjoy :)

MIX PACK: (Not available at the moment)

Mix Pack of 18 compostable coffee pods. 9 Brazil, 6 Honduras and 3 Decaf. 

This is our first intro pack which is a mix pack. Therefore we are putting 9 Brazil, 6 Honduras and 3 Decaf in there to let you have a good range to taste from. 18 pods in total in this pack. We honestly feel this is the nicest pack of pods we've ever tasted and this mix pack gives you a nice experience of each one. 

Pod number 1 - Brazil Bobolink. This coffee is our yearly staple here at PS Coffee Roasters. Its most definitely our most crowd pleasing coffee each time we get it. Tasting notes of white chocolate and hazelnut

Pod number 2 - Honduras Pinal by Nely Rivera (Microlot). This is a rare microlot which we were stunned by when we discovered it. Tasting notes of caramel and vanilla are the most present in this pod. This one definitely has the most complexity and has an SCA score of 87. 

Pod number 3 - Ethiopian Sidamo Decaf. This a CO2 Decaf process coffee with no harmful chemicals in there. This is our second favourite decaf we've had in six years! Tasting notes of creamy sweet biscuit of which remind us of biscoff. Theres also a lovely citrus note in there too for good measure.